Wearing What Kinds of Oakley Sunglasses Will not Hurt Your Eyes in the Summer

Wearing sunglasses outdoors in the summer is a way to protect our eyes. However, experts of the ophthalmic aspects stressed that Oakley sunglasses must be qualified. A pair of sunglasses must be able to prevent the ultraviolet light from passing through,distinguish different colors of traffic signals.And regular sunglasses are plain mirror series, strict control of refraction is under the degrees of 0.008.

An expert in ophthalmology said. In the clinic, she often met with some patients in the tears or photophobia while wearing sunglasses. They mostly chose some red and green Oakley sunglasses, which are on the contrary with pale that medical claims. In fact, brown, light green etc are useful colors for eyes.

Wearing Oakley sunglasses in too deep color will make the eyes in a darkroom environment. The human pupil will automatically expand in a dark environment , the pupil is apt to cause long-term expansion of glaucoma or other diseases ; inferior sunglasses will cause more UV into the eye , which is easy to cause the sun keratitis , corneal endothelial damage , eye diseases such as macular discoloration ; darker glasses can reduce the ability of the eye to distinguish colors , prone to color confusion , resulting in a traffic accident.

We should just try to wear sunglasses outdoors in summer, but not all cases are suitable. In the absence of the sun or in the shade, you can put Oakley sunglasses off, let the eye rest in natural light. When buying sunglasses, the product lenses, logo, color and UV Index must be paid attention to. Each product has proven qualified regular quality inspection. The purchase should allow businesses to produce relevant evidence. Tag sunglasses on products considered “identity card”, marked the glasses origin, but also hides a lot of useful information, such as whether you buy glasses or sunglasses, light-colored mirrors, lenses or other resin material …… It should not be overlooked. It is best to buy a light gray, light green, blue-gray of which are genuine sunglasses lens to block UV, because these are relatively soft colors, while watching nature does not change color. UV index UV filter effect is a major criterion of sunglasses. Currently, UV index is between 96-98% for most sunglasses, dark colored lens is better than the light ones.

The Principle of Polarized Oakley Sunglasses

Polarized Oakley sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare while protecting the eyes from UV damage. All of these are thanks to the metal powder filters. They can be ” select” when light strikes. Polarized Oakley sunglasses can selectively absorb the sun’s rays composed of land portions, because it draws support from a very fine metal powder (iron, copper, nickel, ). In fact, when the light shines on the lens, based on the so-called ” destructive interference ” process, the light was reduced. That is, when certain wavelengths of light (ultraviolet rays in this case is , UV B, sometimes infrared) passing through the lens, i.e., toward the inside direction of the eye lens, they will cancel each other. Overlapping waves formed is not by chance: trough wave crest of a wave with its close together led to canceling each other. Destructive interference depends on the refractive index of the lens i.e.. The degree of deviation occurs when the light passes through the different substances from the ), but also depends on the thickness of the lens. In general, there’s little variation in thickness of the lens, and the refractive index of the lens is different based on differences in chemical composition.
Polarized Oakley sunglasses provide another mechanism to protect our eyes. The reflection of asphalt light is specially polarized. This reflected light is different from the direct light of the sun or any light from artificial sources. The problem of which lies in the order. Polarized in one direction by the full shock wave formation, while general light is not directed by a shock wave. It’s like a group of people walking around disorderly with a group of soldiers marching pace of traveling as stark through. Generally speaking, the reflection light is a light in order. Polarized Oakley lenses are particularly effective when blocking this light because its filtering plays a role. This lens only allows a certain direction shock wave through polarization, like the light ” combing “. For road reflection problems, polarizing Oakley sunglasses can reduce the light transmittance, and since it doesn’t let the light parallel to the road vibration through. Indeed, the molecular filtration layer is oriented in the horizontal direction length. The line can be absorbed horizontally polarized. Thus, most of the reflected light was eliminated, while the ambient illumination is not decreased.

Finally, polarized Oakley sunglasses lenses can be darken after the sun’s rays shooting. After lighting weakened, it becomes brighter again. It does so because the silver halide crystals are working. Under normal circumstances, it can maintain a perfect lens transparency. Under sunlight irradiation, crystal silver will be separated, silver in free form forms small aggregates inside lenses. These small gathering take the shape of interlocking silver irregular lumps, they cannot transmit light, but they can absorb light, the result makes the lenses darken. In the case of dark light, heavy crystal formation, the lens has to return to the bright state.